Submissions are now closed. The Editors would like to thank everyone who accepted the challenge and submitted work.

The concept for the anthology was birthed out of a workshop exercise from poet Richard Jackson—who had students write a well-crafted poem from a list of words offered by the class. Since we believe writing exercises are often the start of new, innovative work, our anthology will be a collection of poems that use six words supplied by six of our "showcased" poets--Kristy Bowen, Bruce Covey, Denise Duhamel, Bob Hicok, Richard Jackson, and Patricia Smith.

These six words are:
1. Anteros
2. crippled
3. spindles
4. stairwell

5. threshold
6. whirligig

Each of these poets has not only submitted a word for this project, but he/she will also participate in this workshop exercise by contributing a poem.

There are no minimum or maximum length requirements for individual poems. We, however, have a three-poem limit for submissions. The only requirement is that you incorporate all six words into one poem. We are most interested in fresh and surprising poems that seamlessly integrate the list words.

Submissions will only be accepted via e-mail. Please e-mail submissions to: [email protected] by May 15, 2010.